Sunday, April 5, 2009

Within Reach: European Peripheries in the Middle Ages

'Within Reach: European Peripheries in the Middle Ages', a postgraduate
symposium organised by the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of
The symposium will be held at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute, on
the 25 April 2009.

Where was the edge of Europe in the Middle Ages? Where are the religious,
linguistic and cultural faultlines?
Are there any common features in intercultural contact zones? How and why
did medieval people cross
geographical, political, and cultural frontiers?

The causes and effects of the medieval expansion of Christian Europe have
long been a focus of attention for scholars
in all fields. Turning away from the more traditional concepts of
$B!F(Bconqueror-conquered$B!G(B interaction, this symposium will
concentrate on a more complex model of movement in the peripheries; one
that emphasises settlement, contact, and

Central themes include:
.. travel into and around the periphery
.. perceptions of peoples and places on frontiers
.. intercultural contact zones
.. cross-cultural experience
.. pilgrimage, crusade, mission
.. expansion
.. colonialism, post-colonialism

This one-day symposium is aimed primarily at postgraduates who wish to
share and discuss their recent research in
an informal interdisciplinary environment. Our keynote speakers are:

Dr Nora Berend, University of Cambridge, who will be speaking on 'The
Frontiers of Christendom: Rhetoric
and Reality in the Iberian Peninsula, Hungary, and Poland'
Dr Marianne O'Doherty, University of Southampton, Postcards from the Edge:
Perspectives from the Oceanic Periphery.

The symposium will provide a forum for interaction, discussion, and the
exchange of ideas, and includes the session
Within Reach: Academic Careers. This professional development workshop
aims to broaden perceptions of careers in
the field, with the aid of the participating academics, students, and
qualified career advisors.

For further information on attendance and registration, a copy of the
programme, or if you would like to provide a poster presentation for the
symposium, please contact Zsuzsa Papp, Katie Neville, or Liz Mylod,
Institute for Medieval Studies, Room 4.05,
Parkinson Building, University of Leeds, LEEDS, LS2 9JT, UK;

Within Reach: European Peripheries in the Middle Ages' is supported by the
Royal Historical Society and by
the Faculty of Arts Graduate School, University of Leeds.


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