Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mapping the Medieval City

Mapping the Medieval City: space, place and identity
An International Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Swansea University, 30-31 July 2009

- Participants include Ralph Hanna (Oxford), Robert W. Barrett Jr.
(Illinois), Keith Lilley (Belfast), Helen Fulton (Swansea) and Jane

- Sessions include:
- Mappings: personal, political religious
- The Fabric of the Medieval City
- Literature, Performance and Civic Identity
- Space, Memory and Gender
- Identity and Belonging: citizens, migrants and outsiders
- The City and the World: locating centres
- Recovering the Medieval City: sources and analysis
- Digital Humanities Forum

- A roundtable / Q&A session discussing medieval studies and new media, as
well as projects in the digital humanities more widely. Experts in
Humanities Computing will be available to answer questions and offer

- Launch of Mapping Medieval Chester website

For further information and a registration form, see the project website

), or contact Mark Faulkner (

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