Sunday, April 12, 2009

Institute of Byzantine Studies

We are organizing an International Graduate Day at the Institute of
> Byzantine Studies at Queen’s University in Belfast 6-7 May 2009.
> This event will be a good opportunity for students to present their
> work and to share their experiences.
> During this day there will be the possibility for graduate researchers
> to highlight their work, to share opinions and build international
> networks.
> Professor emeritus Robin Cormack, the curator of the recent exhibition
> “Byzantium 330-1453” at the Royal Academy London, will also be present
> in the Institute and available for students to discuss the exhibition
> with him.
> If you are interested in participating in this event you can write to
> us at this email byz.studies@
> or to my address nbergamo01@qub.
> (Nicola -male name- Bergamo)
> All graduate students may present their current research briefly at
> the meeting in the morning: we also invite 20-minute papers for the
> afternoon.
> Thursday 7 May 2009
> 10-12 Discussion of the current research and research directions
> 12-2 Question and answer with Robin Cormack
> 3-5 Presentation of papers (20 minutes presentation)
> We warmly invite you to attend the International Graduate Day hosted
> by QUB. The deadline will be 15 April 2009.
> Nicola Bergamo Christophe Marin Pia Felicitas Rawle

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