Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roger Pearse strikes again

For those who may find it useful, I've scanned and placed online
Weiskotten's English translation (1919) of Possidius' Life of St.
Augustine. It's here:


Possidius was a friend of Augustine's, and his biography remains the
principal source for the life of the saint.

Other English translations of the Fathers can be found in the


I also do a CDROM of the collection; if people would like to support
the site, you can purchase it from here:


At the moment sales of these are being spent on commissioning
translations of three untranslated texts; the "Gospel problems and
solutions" of Eusebius of Caesarea; the "Apologeticus ad imperatorem"
of Cyril of Alexandria; and the "Commentary on the Nicene Creed" of the
Arabic writer Al-Majdalus.


Anonymous said...

That's marvellously timely, Larry: I just got into the long argument about whether Augustine was black again earlier on today. (The answer being of course, we don't know, no-one thought it important enough to say...)

theswain said...

Let's just say he was sun-tanned.....;)