Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Bleg

I'm taking a few weeks here to slowly but surely update and in fact create a blog roll for this blog.

I am also slowly but surely updating the links pages for The Heroic Age. I thought it was high time that the links page included a section of late antique and early medieval bloggers. I know whom I read, and I know some of you have extensive blogrolls from whom I'll borrow. So let me lay out a couple things:

1) To be included in the LINKS section at The Heroic Age, the blog must deal with Late Antiquity and Early Medieval NW Europe between 300ish to 1200ish.

2) the blog must in the main be academic oriented: the majority of the time deal with the field rather than solely personal material

3) the blog should on average be updated at least every couple months

I will also be including some of the more wide reaching blogs such as In The Middle, Modern Medieval, Medieval Art, Medieval Material Culture, Homilaria etc that stretch over a larger period than HA covers, but do cover things in our period. And while technically A Corner of Tenth Century Europe deals with a corner of Europe outside the journal's purview, Jonathan Jarrett talks about subjects that really concern every medievalist, indeed, every early medievalist that of course I'll be including it.

This blog's blogroll:

To be a part of this blogs blogroll, I can be more general
1) Highlighted will be those blogs by Heroic Age board members
2) a blog that mostly deals with medieval shtuff
3) that is updated at least every 6 months or so

If you'd like to be included either in the blogroll here or in the Links page at The Heroic Age leave a comment, send an email, or otherwise get in touch with me.


Anonymous said...

Very flattered by this high praise Larry! Many thanks.

Linda C. McCabe said...

I would like to be on your blog roll if you don't mind.

My blog is about writing, but since I am writing a novel set in the time of Charlemagne it also deals with Medieval history as well. I have many posts detailing my research trip to France last year that has not only photos taken from historic sites but written context as well.