Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Possible Medievalism Panel CFP

From Brian McFadden:

Dear colleagues, know what the truth is; the world is in haste and it
approaches the 1 September deadline for submission of abstracts to the Texas
Medieval Association's 18th annual conference at Texas Tech (2-4 October

On behalf of John Howe, I am especially soliciting abstracts for either
individual papers or a possible panel on medievalism (Tolkien, Harry Potter,
film adaptations, medievalism on the web, gaming culture, etc.) to work in
with Jane Chance's plenary lecture on "Tough Love: Teaching the New
Medievalisms" and the overall themes of "The Medieval Imagination" and "The
Medieval Southwest." Modern adaptations or appropriations of Anglo-Saxon
culture would be most relevant to the members of this list, but material
drawing on any medieval period would be welcome.

Official call for papers:

Send abstracts to:

Prof. John Howe
Department of History
Texas Tech University
Box 41013
Lubbock TX 79409-1013

or to

Don Kagay
2812-A Westgate
Albany, GA 31721

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