Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Book

Hal Momma and Mike Matto are pleased to announce the publication of the
Blackwell Companion to the History of the English Language. We hope this
volume is of interest to Anglo-Saxonists who teach HEL on a regular basis.
The edition includes essays by ISAS members: Thomas Cable, Mary Blockley,
Geoffrey Russom, Robert D. Fulk, Daniel Donoghue, Mechthild Gretsch, Lucia
Kornexl, and Fred C. Robinson. Here is more information about the book:

This Companion brings together more than 60 distinguished contributors to
offer a wide-ranging survey of the history of the English language, from
its Indo-European and Germanic past, through British and American usage,
to the rise of colonial and post-colonial English. Many of the essays
investigate regional and ethnic varieties and take up issues of class and

The book explores the many diverse approaches to the study of English in
one volume, ranging from linguistics and etymology to the philosophy of
language and literary history. Concise introductions place individual
essays within larger contexts; notes on phonetics, a chronological list of
events, and a glossary of linguistic terms facilitate use and connect the
reader to the uses of the English language over the centuries.

A meeting ground for students of language and literature, this
broad-ranging volume considers cultural, social, literary, material, and
theoretical approaches to the study of language.

The Blackwell site is:

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