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Margins of Error: On the Self-Correcting Medieval Manuscript CFP

I think I did this one before, but seems to be making the rounds again:

CFP: 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies,

Kalamazoo May 7-10, 2009

Margins of Error: On the Self-Correcting Medieval Manuscript

Sponsored by: The Research Group on Manuscript Evidence

In keeping with the Group’s mission to “apply an integrated, holistic approach to manuscripts and texts in other forms” our session calls for papers closely examining the materials in the margins of manuscripts, especially those that not only comment upon the texts which they surround, but which may offer alternative or even “corrective” readings to a manuscript’s central text.

That is, while some marginal images exist to support a text (by providing mnemonic aid, or by illustrating a scene in a “central” story), others seem to exist at a disjoint to their neighboring text (as with the rude grylles and shitten monkeys that pepper so many holy works) and so may offer counterpoint or even contradiction to an otherwise uncontested central text. We thus look for papers discussing such potentially “self-correcting” marginalia in medieval manuscripts: the images that, while often subordinate to the text, still find a rebelliously self-reflexive voice.

The Research Group is especially interested in first-hand (re)evaluations of medieval manuscripts and their marginalia, but all readings with close textual focus are welcome.

Please submit abstracts and cover materials to Jeff Massey at by September 15th for full consideration.

Jeff Massey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature

The Royal English Department

1000 Hempstead Avenue

Molloy College

Rockville Centre, NY 11571-5002

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