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SCRIPTO (Scholarly Codicological Research, Information &
Paleographical Tools) at Friedrich Alexander University
Erlangen-Nuremberg aims to provide a systematic, research-oriented
introduction to the study of medieval and early modern manuscripts
and to methods of describing them. SCRIPTO is a sort of bridge
between research and practical work, and combines research and
instruction within the framework of a uniquely innovative course, at
the end of which each candidate will be awarded a certificate by
Friedrich Alexander University.

The new program is from 20 October 2008 till 31 January 2009. It
covers a broad spectrum of subjects and consists of six modules:

- History and principles of cataloguing
- Text typology (philosophical and theological Latin texts; literary
Latin; liturgy, music and computistics; law; medicine; vernacular
languages; medieval Latin)
- Book illumination (technique, history of styles, typology of
images, iconography); palaeography
- Codicology, studies of incunables
- Computing skills (use and development of databases in order to
collect, describe and administer manuscripts; production of printed
catalogues out of pre-presses)

The timetable for SCRIPTO II has already been set, and copies of it
will be sent to the accepted applicants (the workload amounts to 60
ECTS). The team of academics, consisting of specialists well known in
their fields (for both research and teachings), is as follows:
Christiane Fritze (Brandenburg Academy Berlin), Dr. Christine
Jakobi-Mirwald (Weiler, History of Art), Dr. Tino Licht (Heidelberg,
Medieval Latin), Dr. Christine Sauer (Nuremberg, History of Art),
Thorsten Schassan (Herzog-August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel,
EDV/Computing), Dr. Bettina Wagner (Munich, German Language and
Literature /Medieval Latin) and Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Winkler (Frankfurt
on the Main, Musicology).

The following special courses are scheduled in SCRIPTO II:

Marco Mostert (Utrecht)
Schrift-Schriftkultur-Schriftlichkeit: Über mittelalterliche
Paläographie und Kommunikationsgeschichte
Erlangen, 5 November 2008

Marilena Maniaci (Rom/Cassino)
Das Buch in Byzanz
Erlangen, 16 December 2008

Michele C. Ferrari / Eef Overgaauw (Berlin)
Autographe im Mittelalter
Bamberg, 17 December 2008

Requirements for admission
Participants should have a Bachelor s or higher degree. Each course
will be attended by no more than 12 participants, all of whom are
required to have a basic knowledge of Latin and of palaeography. Two
academics of SCRIPTO will determine, on the basis of the received
applications, which candidates are to be admitted to the courses. The
language of instruction is German. Foreign participants, however,
will be able to take German language courses at Friedrich Alexander
University if they so wish.
The admission fee will be 750 Euro per participant, including travel
expenses for external sessions (Bamberg, Munich, Nuremberg,

Application deadline
The application deadline is 31 August 2008. Applicants should send a
letter enclosing a full curriculum vitae and a picture to the
following address:

Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari
Friedrich Alexander Universität
Mittellatein und Neulatein
Kochstr. 4/3
91056 Erlangen (Germany)

You are advised to apply as early as possible. Applications will be
dealt with in order of their arrival.

SCRIPTO on the internet (in
German and English)

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