Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Politics of Communication, 800-1600

The California State University, Long Beach, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Inaugural Graduate Student Conference: The Politics of Communication, 800-1600


The Politics of Communication, 800-1600

November 15, 2008

California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach, California

Organizers: Shawn Moore (shawnw.moore@gmail.com) and William Hager (whager@csulb.edu)

We are seeking paper abstracts and panel proposals from all disciplines for CSULB's inaugural Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference from graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. Abstracts should be 250 words or less for papers of approximately 15-20 minutes in length, allowing for discussion and questions following the presentation.

This conference will examine the politicizing of communication in its myriad forms during the period of time between the ninth and the seventeenth centuries. The word "communication" is an extremely generalized term for a very complex concept (one that should not be limited exclusively to the use of spoken or written language). Implicit within notions of communication are ideas of power, authorship, audience, performance, and censorship. Possible questions to address include:

· What is communication's role in the dominant orthodoxy's _expression of power over its subjects? How does communication challenge notions of authority inherent in political systems? To what extent does communication act to subvert that authority?

· How do non-written forms of communication (i.e., art, architecture, etc.) convey political or religious authority?

· How does written communication differ from the oral tradition?

· What is the relationship between authorship and communication? Between representation and communication?

The deadline for abstracts is Monday, June 30, 2008. Confirmation of accepted papers will be sent by July 14, 2008. We require that abstracts be submitted electronically in the body of an e-mail sent to shawn.moore@gmail.com and whager@csulb.edu. Please use the subject heading: Politics of Communication. Additional information will be forthcoming at www.csulb.edu/centers/med-ren/.


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