Monday, April 28, 2008

Medieval Art Sessions

The International Center for Medieval Art will sponsor a session on
“Byzantine art as medieval lingua franca” for the College Art
Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles, February 25-28, 2009.


Session Statement:

In the Middle Ages the Byzantine formal idiom became a major lingua
franca, one that crossed conflicted geo-political borders and was employed
by neighboring, and often competing, cultures. This session explores how
visual aspects of Byzantium were exported to and/or adopted by other
medieval cultures. Papers will explore the circulation of Byzantine
artistic traditions (styles, iconographies, techniques, and objects).
Papers are invited to question the specific process of artistic
circulation as a means of affiliation, emulation, and legitimation.
Scholars working on all periods and areas of medieval art and architecture
are encouraged to submit abstracts. Possible topics include but are not
limited to the use of Byzantine traditions by such diverse courts/contexts
as the Visigothic, Umayyad, Ottonian, Ottoman, Norman, Venetian, and
Crusader. Papers addressing the relation of artistic practice to
diplomatic engagement, including gifts and trade of art objects, are also

The deadline for proposals is May 9, 2008; please see CAA submission
guidelines ( Please direct all
proposal materials and inquiries to the session chair: Cecily J. Hilsdale,
Northwestern University, Art History Department, 1880 Campus Drive, 3-400
Kresge Hall, Evanston, IL 60208-2208 (

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