Thursday, April 17, 2008

Digital Resources for Humanities & Arts

> Dear all, with apologies for any cross posting, please note that
> the annual conference 'Digital Resources for Humanities & Arts' is
> taking place in Cambridge this year, from 14-17th September. The
> call for papers is now open - closing date 30th April - and details
> can be found at
> The aim of the conference is to: * Establish a site for mutually
> creative exchanges of knowledge. * Promote discussion around new
> collaborative environments and collective knowledge. * Encourage
> and celebrate the connections and tensions within the liminal
> spaces that exist between the Arts and Humanities. * Redefine
> disciplinary boundaries * Create a forum for debate around notions
> of the 'solitary' and the collaborative across the Arts and
> Humanities. * Explore the impact of the Arts and Humanities on ICT:
> design and narrative structures and visa versa.
> Please forward to any colleagues who might be interested. Many thanks
> Tamsin Pert
> Cambridge university
-- Dr Christopher Burlinson
Emmanuel College

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