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* Title: A History of the Holy Eastern Church: The Patriarchate of Antioch
* Subtitle:
* Author: John Mason Neale
* Series:
* Series Volume:
* ISBN: 978-1-59333-050-7
* Price: $116
* Format: Hardback, 6 x 9, 1 vol(s), 297 pp.
* Availability: Forthcoming

Book Description

In this posthumously published document of John Mason Neale, this eminent scholar explores the history of the patriarchate of Antioch. Beginning with Sts. James and Peter, Neale traces the traditions of the historic patriarchal city of Antioch down through the first four centuries of its existence. In Neale’s characteristically readable style, the early stages of Eastern Christianity and its noteworthy figures are presented here with historical accuracy and authority. Supplemented with material by one-time patriarch of Constantinople, Constantius, this work contains a list of the Patriarchs, at times with considerable detail, down to Methodius (1843-1859). To this material, George Williams, the editor of the volume, added three pamphlets as an appendix, furthering the history of the Orthodox Church in Syria up until very near his own time (1814-1878). This important volume, likely intended to be Neale’s magnum opus, appeals to a wide range of readers: those interested in the Oxford Movement, Eastern Christianity, Orthodoxy, and the early Christian period in Syria.

John Mason Neale (1818-1866) was an English priest and scholar, as well as a writer of hymns. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and helped found several charitable societies. He received a doctorate from Trinity College, Connecticut. Part of the high church movement, Neale wrote broadly in the areas of Eastern Christianity.

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