Sunday, March 30, 2008

Digital Medievalist

igital Medievalist announces the publication of a special Digital
Medievalist/Digital Classicist Issue: "Though much is taken, much
abides": Recovering antiquity through innovative digital methodologies,
Published in honour of Ross Scaife (1960-2008).

* "Though much is taken, much abides": Recovering antiquity
through innovative digital methodologies: Introduction to the
Special Issue
Gabriel Bodard and Simon Mahony
* We are all together: On publishing a Digital Classicist issue of
the Digital Medievalist Journal Gabriel Bodard and Daniel Paul
* The Inscriptions of Aphrodisias as Electronic Publication: a
user's perspective and a proposed paradigm Gabriel Bodard
* The Application of Network Analysis to Ancient Transport
Geography: A Case Study of Roman Baetica Leif Isaksen

* Towards a digital model to edit the different paratextuality
levels within a textual tradition Paolo Monella
* VLMA: a tool for creating, annotating and sharing virtual museum
collections Amy Smith, Brian Fuchs, and Leif Isaksen

Volume 4 has been edited by Arianna Ciula, Dot Porter for DM and Gabriel
Bodard and Simon Mahony for DC.

See also the first two articles in our currently open volume 3
* Palaeography and Image-Processing: Some Solutions and Problems
Peter A. Stokes
* Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music: The evolution of a
digital resource
Julia Craig-McFeely

Volume 3 is being edited by Murray McGillivray and Dan O'Donnell.

Daniel Paul O'Donnell, PhD
Department Chair and Associate Professor of English
Director, Digital Medievalist Project
Chair, Text Encoding Initiative

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University of Lethbridge
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