Saturday, January 26, 2008

Studies in Iconography Out

The most recent volume of the journal, Studies in Iconography (Volume
28, 2007) has just been published and includes the following Articles:

>> Dorothy F. Glass: “‘Quo Vadis’: The Study of Italian
Romanesque Sculpture at the Beginning of the Third Millennium” Laura
E. Cochrane: “The Wine in the Vines and the Foliage in the Roots”
Richard K. Emmerson: “A “Large Order of the Whole”:
Intertextuality and Interpictoriality in the /Hours of Isabella

>> Charles S. Buchanan: “An Illustrated Romanesque Hagiographic
Lectionary (Lucca: Biblioteca Capitolare, Passionario C):
Inspiration, Formulation, and Reception”

>> Karl Fugelso: “Defining the State in /Commedia/ Miniatures:
Pictorial Responses to Dante’s Condemnation of Florence”

>> Penny Howell Jolly: “Rogier van der Weyden’s “Pregnant”
Magdalene: On the Rhetoric of Dress in the /Descent From the Cross/”
>> Reviews - Vol 28 (2007):
>> Krone und Schleier: Kunst aus mittelalterlichen Frauenklöstern
>> By Karen Blough
>> Ingrid Gardill, Sancta Benedicta: Missionarin, Märtyrerin,
Patronin; Der Prachtcodex aus dem Frauenkloster Sainte-Benoîte in
>> By Judith Oliver

>> David McKitterick, ed., The Trinity Apocalypse (Trinity College
Cambridge, MS R.16.2) /
>> By Brent A. Pitts

>> Robert Mills, Suspended Animation: Pain, Pleasure and Punishment
in Medieval Culture
>> By Madeline H. Caviness

>> Anne-Orange Poilpré, Maiestas Domini: Une Image de l’église en
Occident (Ve-IXe siècle)
>> By William J. Diebold

>> Heather Pulliam, Word and Image in the Book of Kells
>> By Anne-Marie Bouche

>> Kathryn Starkey, Reading the Medieval Book: Word, Image, and
Performance in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Willehalm
>> By Michael Curschmann

>> Marina Vidas, The Christina Psalter: A Study of the Images and
Texts in a French Early Thirteenth-Century Illuminated Manuscript
>> By Elizabeth S. Hudson

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