Monday, January 28, 2008

News of the Week

Anglo-Saxon treasures will stay in region - vow

Same story, different take: MP in plea over ancient treasure

Event passed, but only thing I found on it: MEDIAEVAL FIND TO BE TOPIC

Medieval splendour as Ruins welcomes visitors

'Too good to be true' Thomson ivory declared genuine

Jan 28:

1457 Henry VII (Tudor) of England

814 Charlemagne; Louis "the Pious" inherits Frankish Empire
1232 Pedro de Montaigu, 15th Master of the Templars
1256 St. Peter Nolesco

893 Coronation of Charles III, "the Simple" as King of France
1077 King Henry IV submits to the Pope at Canossa
1256 William, King of the Romans, was killed
1393 "Bal des Ardents;" Death of the Count de Joigny, Yvain de Foix,
Aimery Poitiers, and Huguet de Guisay

Jan 20:
591 St. Sulpicius

1118 Pope Paschal II

904 Sergius III crowned pope - beginning of the "Pornocracy"
1327 Coronation of Edward III of England

Jan 30:
680 St. Bathild, Queen to Clovis II of France
Holiday of Three Hierachs (Eastern Orthodox)

435 Rome made peace with the Vandals, ending the "Fall"
1118 Election of Gelasius I as Pope
1328 King Edward III of England re-marries Phillippa of Hainaut
1349 Election of Guanther of Schwarzberg as King of Germany
1380 St. Catherine of Siena suffers a stroke
1487 Bell chimes invented

Jan 31:
410 St. Marcella
626 St. Aidan (Madoc) of Ferns

314 St. Sylvester becomes Pope
1298 Peace of Tournai
1405 Jean de Bethencourt goes to France to obtain materials to
establish a colony on the Canary Islands


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