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Journal of Late Antiquity



The Journal of Late Antiquity, sponsored by the Society for Late Antiquity and
published by Johns Hopkins University Press, provides a venue for
multi-disciplinary coverage of all the methodological, disciplinary,
geographical, and chronological facets of Late Antiquity, covering the late
Roman, European, North African, Byzantine, Sassanid, and Islamic worlds, and
going from ca. AD 200 to 800 (i.e. the late and post-classical world up to the
beginning of the Carolingian period), ranging from Arabia to the
British Isles,
and running the gamut from literary and historical studies to the study of
material culture.

Scholars of Late Antiquity are invited to submit previously unpublished
original research for consideration for publication in JLA.
JLA provides a venue for both medium (6-8,000
word) and longer (10,000 words and up) length articles, as well as for brief
notes discussing significant observations that might not be published
at all or
end up lost footnote in a study on a different topic).

Contributions should have a clearly stated thesis,
argument, and conclusion based on literary and material primary sources.
Submissions may be based on traditional literary texts, on material
culture, or
on a combination of sources. If there is a
single theme that we would expect all contributions to manifest, it would be
that in some manner they illuminate Late Antiquity as a discrete period with
its own unique identifying characteristics.

Submissions may be forwarded in e-format (WORD or WORDPERFECT in a
Truetype Unicode font such as Arial Unicode MS) to, and authorial guidelines
(including information on foreign language fonts) may be requested from,

Ralph W. Mathisen, Managing Editor,
Professor of History, Classics, and Medieval Studies and
Dept. of History, MC-466
309 Gregory Hall, University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
FAX: 217-333-2297

Subscriptions to JLA are priced as follows:

Annual Subscriptions:
Individual Print Subscription 1 year (2 issues) Price: $30.00
Institution Print Subscription 1 year (2 issues) Price: $75.00
Individual Print Subscription 2 year (4 issues) Price: $60.00
Institution Print Subscription 2 year (4 issues) Price: $150.00

Electronic Subscription:
1 year electronic access Price: $30.00
2 year electronic access Price: $60.09

The first issue of JLA is in press and will be published in the
Spring of 2008.

For subscription and other publication information, please consult

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