Thursday, January 24, 2008


The attention of members is drawn to an exhibition entitled 'Alfred
the Great. Warfare, Wealth and Wisdom' to be held at the Discovery
Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester from 2 February - 27 April. The
centrepoint of the exhibition will be the Alfred Jewel and six other
possible aestels - those who attended the London meeting in the summer
may remember that David Hinton provided a poster display on the latest
discoveries. The aestels will be supported by a range of other notable
items and manuscripts from the ninth century, including the Fuller
brooch, the Hatton Pastoral Care the Tollemache Orosius. David
Hinton's new edition of his Ashmolean publication The Alfred Jewel and
Other Decorated Late Anglo-Saxon Metalwork will be published to
coincide with the exhibition, and there will also be a fully
illustrated guide to the exhibition by Barbara Yorke. Full details of
the exhibition arrangements and a large range of associated events can
be found on

many thanks,

Barbara Yorke

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