Friday, January 11, 2008

Dictionary of Old English: A to G online

Dear Colleagues,

The Dictionary of Old English project announces with joy
the release of the first online version of DOE: A to G in
December 2007. Highlights of the new publication include:
the first release of the letter G, as well as revisions of
the seven previously published letters; a more powerful
search engine which enables Boolean searches on two or more
fields of a DOE entry as well as Boolean searches within a
single field; the hotlinking of Latin short titles
to their bibliographic references; and, most excitingly,
the hotlinking to the OED (as long as your university has
access to the online OED) for those Old English words which
have a later history.

DOE: A to G online is distributed by site license both to
institutions ($200 per year) and individuals ($75 per year).
Further information is available at the DOE website:

All best,
Toni Healey

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