Saturday, March 3, 2007

Drew Jones Lecture

This is one I wish I could have gone to. Christopher Jones is one of the best. But I missed it.

The Anglo Saxon Studies Colloquium
is pleased to announce:

Christopher Jones
(Ohio State University)

"Monastic Reform and Eremitic Sanctity in Late Anglo-Saxon England"

Thursday, March 1
4.30 PM

103 Chancellor Green
Princeton University

Long discussed by historians, the effects of a "Benedictine Reform"
movement in tenth- and eleventh-century England have become
increasingly important to studies of Old English language and
literature. In his lecture, Drew Jones examines a major gap in the
narrative of "Benedictine Reform" now prevalent Anglo-Saxon studies,
namely the movement's apparent lack of interest in anchoritic saints
or the classic texts of "desert monasticism."

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