Friday, September 9, 2016

Medical Understandings of the Body & Soul: Integration and Otherness

How did Galenic and Canonical discourses about the body interact in the medieval period? What understandings of the body were authoritative, and which were considered 'other', and by whom? This session, sponsored by The Body in the City, a major collaborative research program based at Monash University, seeks to explore the relationship between canonical and 'other' ideas about natural philosophy, with medicine as an exemplar. The reception in the Latin West of Greco-Arabic texts led to changes in thinking about the body and its activities between 1000 and 1400. Topics might include, how Islamic, Jewish and Christian (Latin & Greek) medical knowledge and natural philosophy interacted; how medical thought considered the relationship between women's and men's bodies; why certain medical discourses remained 'other' while some became integrated into western medical thought.

200 word abstracts for 20 minute papers should be forwarded to Gordon Whyte ( by 15 September.

Kathleen Neal
Monash University

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