Saturday, July 30, 2016

Call For Papers for two sponsored sessions on "Women in the Age of Bede (I
and II)," at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI.
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Sharon M. Rowley, Paul C. Hilliard, and Máirín MacCarron

In the last half century, feminist studies have sparked a tremendous amount
of work by a wide range of scholars on the topic of women and women’s
intellectual history in early Anglo-Saxon England. As Virginia Blanton and
Helene Scheck have noted recently, however, “more work needs to be done”
regarding female religious communities and education “before we can specify
the nature and degree of women’s learning in any one community, let alone
for an entire period or region.”* Bedan studies have also changed
significantly over the last half century, with the exploration of the
intellectual and theological implications of Bede’s own exegetical,
computistical and homiletic writings shedding new light on his community
and his work, especially the Historia Ecclesiastica. However, along with
these Bede-on-Bede reconsiderations, feminist studies have also contributed
dramatically to the transformation of Bede studies in recent decades.

In the spirit of recent calls for greater inclusivity in Anglo-Saxons
Studies, BedeNet and CNU’s program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies are
sponsoring two sessions on “Women in the Age of Bede,” to highlight and
foster this ongoing dialogue. Papers on any aspect of women's studies in
early Anglo-Saxon England, are welcome, as are papers on Bede’s
interactions with and impact on women’s intellectual history, education and

Contact Sharon Rowley at with questions and submissions.

  *Helene Scheck and Virginia Blanton, “Women,” in A Handbook of
Anglo-Saxon Studies, 1st Ed., ed. Jacqueline Stodnick and Renée Trilling,
Blackwell (2012), p. 267.

-- Dr. Sharon M. Rowley Professor Department of English Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies Christopher Newport University 1 Avenue of the Arts Newport News, VA 23606 757.594.8874 fax 757.594.8870

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