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Call for Papers: Anglo-Saxons 2016 - Exchange: Cultures, Ideas, and Materials

Call for Papers: Anglo-Saxons 2016 - Exchange: Cultures, Ideas, and Materials
Please find below details of the first Call for Papers for Anglo-Saxons 2016, a postgraduate and early-career multidisciplinary conference to be held at the University of Edinburgh on 9-10 June 2016.
Please share with your respective departments/students.
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Exchange: Cultures, Ideas, and Materials
The organising committee is delighted to announce the call for papers forAnglo-Saxons 2016, a multidisciplinary two-day conference celebrating Anglo-Saxon culture and history. This event is to be held at the University of Edinburgh on9-10 June 2016.

Anglo-Saxons 2016 is calling for papers on the impact of Anglo-Saxon culture and history, engaging with the theme of ‘exchange’.

Anglo-Saxons 2016 is a two-day multidisciplinary conference for postgraduate students and early-career researchers. The conference brings together scholars from different disciplines studying the Anglo-Saxon period in order to share papers outlining their current research around a central core celebration of Anglo-Saxon culture, history, and impact. We will promote discussion, and explore how a range of perspectives can lead to a new understanding of the Anglo-Saxons.

The early medieval period is one of exchange in all senses of the word. The fifth to eleventh centuries in England marked a period of great transformations in culture, history, intellectual development, and materiality through internal and external factors and different cultural influences. Beyond this, we ourselves as researchers will come together in an exchange of knowledge, thoughts, and approaches.

We invite those working in any facet of Anglo-Saxon history (inclusive of art history), culture, literature, or archaeology to submit abstracts for papers of approximately 20 minutes.
We welcome proposals for papers and sessions related to, but not limited by, this list:
  • The exchange of ideas in the Anglo-Saxon world
  • Exchange, trade, and economic relations 
  • North Sea/Scandinavian cultural exchange and influence
  • Intellectual exchange 
  • The Danish and/or Norman Conquests
  • The Anglo-Saxons and the rest of the early medieval world
  • Transformation or continuity in the Anglo-Saxon world
  • Anglo-Saxon art as a means of idea exchange
  • Old English literature
  • Anglo-Saxon coinage
  • The Danelaw
  • Anglo-Saxon laws
  • Material culture in the later Viking Age

Submission details:

Please send all proposals to:

Individual Paper Proposals:
·       Title of Paper;
·       Abstract – including potential strand (250 words maximum);
·       Short Speaker’s Biography (approximately 50 words)

Session proposals:
·       Session Title
·       Session Abstract/Rationale (approximately 100 words)
·       Organisers’ details
·       Details for each paper (3) as per Individual Paper Proposals

·       Title of Poster;
·       Abstract (250 words maximum);
·       Short Speaker’s Biography (approximately 50 words)
Please note the deadline for abstract submissions is 31 December 2015.
Send all submissions and queries to
Full details and contact via:

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