Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Graecum-Arabicum-Latinum Encoded Corpus (GALEN©)* Usama Gad (Heidelberg)

Graecum-Arabicum-Latinum Encoded Corpus (GALEN©)*
Usama Gad (Heidelberg)

GALEN is a long-term project to produce the first comprehensive digital
corpus of translations between Greek, Arabic and Latin. The project
seeks not only to include the medieval translations from Greek into
Arabic (8th-10th Century AD) and again from Arabic into Latin (11th
-13th Century AD), but also to comprise the modern translations of Greek
and Latin literature into Arabic (19th -21st Century AD). Moreover, the
project would ideally include Arabic translations of Greek and Latin
Papyri found in Egypt. The main idea behind this project is then to
integrate as much Graecum-Arabicum-Latinum sources as one could in both
Arabic and classical studies, presenting these sources to both scholars
and students in a digital format with open access license CC BY-SA.


The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

For more information please contact Gabriel.Bodard@kcl.ac.uk,
Hugh.Bowden@kcl.ac.uk, Stuart.Dunn@kcl.ac.uk, S.Mahony@ucl.ac.uk or
Charlotte.Tupman@kcl.ac.uk, or see the seminar website at

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