Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quadrivium V, 2009/10

Quadrivium V, 2009/10, will be held at the University of Leicester,
4-5 November 2009.

For those of you who are new to the PhD, the Quadrivium Programme
offers a lectures, workshops and networking events over a two-day
period. The programme is a collaborative training event run by
medievalists at Birmingham, Queen's Belfast, Oxford, York, Leicester,
Glasgow, and St Andrews.

This year Quadrivium is being hosted in the School of English at the
University of Leicester in collaboration with the University of
Birmingham. Quadrivium’s ‘generic skills’ approach will be of value to
research students at various stages of their doctoral careers. It is
open to all PhD students in Medieval English registered in the UK.

Quadrivium V is generously subsidised by The University of Leicester,
Graduate School, The University of Birmingham and The English
Association, as such lunches and the conference dinner will be free.
We are also pleased to offer some financial support. For a limited
number of students coming from a distance, up to £60 will be made
available on receipt of your registration form (on a first-come
first-served basis) to cover accommodation and travel expenses (on
production of receipts).

Numbers for Quadrivium are limited. There is a Registration fee of £10.

The deadline for the receipt of registration forms is 24 October 2009.

For further information please contact Miss Hollie Morgan,

Conference web site:


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