Monday, September 14, 2009

Early Irish Glossaries Project

Beta version of the Early Irish Glossaries Project available

The Early Irish Glossaries Project is currently editing a series of medieval texts, compiled c. 700-1000 and written in Old/Middle Irish, with a mixture of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and other languages. There are five inter-related texts (c. 50,000 words in total) and 18 manuscript witnesses (incl. fragments).

A traditional print edition will be supplemented with a digital resource, providing manuscript transcriptions, links to manuscript images and other resources, and search and concordance tools. We are currently testing a beta version at the address below:

We aim to make our XML source freely available and (hopefully) well-documented. To these ends, you can find XML/TEI files, our schema and documentation on transcription practices on our downloads page:

We would really appreciate any feedback regarding our TEI implementation, our documentation, or indeed the resource in general.

Dr Pádraic Moran
Classics, National University of Ireland, Galway

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