Sunday, April 5, 2009

Genetic Editions in a Digital Framework

You are very welcome to participate in a workshop on "Genetic
Editions in a Digital Framework" to be held at ITEM
( in Paris, 14/15 May 2009. The purpose of
this workshop is, as mentioned in a previous posting, to prepare an
encoding model for genetic editions/criticism.

The meeting will start on Thursday, 2pm (sharp), and we will finish
on Friday by 3:30pm. The first day will include presentations by
invited speakers on genetic editions from a research but not
necessarily digital point of view, while the second day has a
workshop character and is devoted to the encoding itself.

Participation is open to everyone but the number of places is
limited, so pre-registration is essential. In order to register for
the event, please send an email (with name, affiliation) to as soon as possible but not later than 17
April, as it will be a first-in-first-serve basis. Please register
also for lunch (must be paid by yourself) on Friday if you wish so.

List of invited speakers (partly subject to confirmation):

Dr. Anne Bohnenkamp Goethe Museum, Frankfurt (Germany)
Dr. John Bryant Hofstra University (USA)
Aurèle Crasson, CNRS ITEM (France)
Jean-Daniel Fekete INRIA (France)
Dr. Daniel Ferrer CNRS ITEM (France)
Prof. Dr. Hans Walter Gabler Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Axel Gellhaus Rheinsch-Westfälische Technische
Hochschule Aachen (Germany)
Dr. Almuth Grésillon, CNRS ITEM (France)
Prof. Dr. Claus Huitfeldt University of Bergen (Norway)
Dr. Dirk van Hulle University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Dr. Jean-Louis Lebrave, CNRS ITEM (France)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lukas Wuppertal, (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Kenneth M. Price University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
Prof. Kathryn Sutherland University of Oxford (UK)
Edward Vanhoutte Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies
- Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (Belgium)


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