Sunday, August 24, 2008

From Cloister to World: Monasticism in Society CFP

FP: 44th International Congress of Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo
"From Cloister to World: Monasticism in Society"
Sponsored by the Graduate program of the Medieval Institute, University of
Notre Dame

Throughout the Middle Ages, monks and monasteries often had complex and
tumultuous relationships with the surrounding societies. Much recent
scholarly attention has elucidated monastic spirituality, but the wider and
important question of these relations with society still need much
investigation. Far from existing in an isolated vacuum, monks had to
negotiate land usage with their neighbors, assumed pastoral duties, and
sometimes sought to reform society with an impulse flowing from the springs
of monastic spirituality. With their economic, spiritual and intellectual
clout, monks had an undeniable impact on society (and our source base).

The aim of this session to elicit some new perspectives on monastic roles in
the world and give those of us investigating these matters a chance to meet
each other in friendly discussion. To enable that discussion, there will be
a commentator (tentatively Dr. John Van Engen, pending other commitments).

Please submit abstracts to Eric Shuler at by September 15.

- Eric Shuler -
Ph.D. Candidate @ the Medieval Institute
715 Hesburgh Library; University of Notre Dame; Notre Dame, IN 46556
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