Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fragmentation in the MIddle Ages

Please follow this link for the call for papers for a session at the
forthcoming Theoretical Archaeology Conference 2008 (University of
Southampton), entitled:

Putting Humpty Together Again: Overcoming the Fragmentation of the Middle Ages

The session is organised by Ben Jervis and myself and is supported by
the Society for Medieval Archaeology in the UK.


Members of this Forum may be particularly interested in one of the
themes which is:

"Transitions between periods, e.g. Saxon to Norman, early to high
medieval, late to post medieval"

Other themes on fragmentation for which we are particularly seeking
papers are:

• Divisions between material specialists, e.g. ceramicists,
numismatists, small finds or metalwork specialists
• Geographic boundaries, e.g. studies according to modern regional
and national boundaries (Kent, Italy) or those according to
contemporary boundaries (Wessex, Normandy)
• Landscape and settlement vs. object-based archaeology
• Cultural focus vs. biological/environmental focus (including human
and animal remains)
• Life and death archaeology, e.g. finds and settlements relating to
people’s lifestyles and those found within funerary landscapes
• Relationships between urban and rural archaeology
• Theme-based divisions, e.g. social, economic, cultural, military
• Fragmentation between professions, e.g. academia, heritage
(including museums), commercial archaeology and conservation

Please forward far and wide. The paper deadline is 1 September and
all submissions should be made via email to myself and Ben Jervis
(bpj106@soton.ac.uk) as well as submitted via the TAG 2008 online
submission form:


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