Saturday, August 30, 2008

Digital Medievalist CFP

The Digital Medievalist is once more sponsoring sessions at Kalamazoo. We have had proposals for one panel and two paper sessions accepted, thus:

Panel: What every digital medievalist should know
This session will take up the theme of Jim Marchand's famous 'WEMSK' series, focussing on how the omnipresence of digital technology has changed what every medievalist -- teacher, scholar, reader, anyone -- should know. We used only to have books; then we had films, television, and now we can everything in a small box, or in a browser on our screen -- even, in a mobile phone. How does this change what we should do, how we should do it, what we should know?

Papers: Exemplary instances of research using digital methods and materials
Several decades into the digital revolution, we may fairly ask: what has changed? For all the digital technology about us, are we still doing research in the same way? We invite contributions from scholars who have found research possibilities for any aspect of medieval studies which could not have been available in the pre-digital world. This may be because the materials were not available, or it may be because the methods were not available, or any combination of the two.

Papers: Using digital materials in the classroom
We invite papers narrating how teachers have used digital materials relating to any aspect of medieval studies in the undergraduate (or graduate) classroom. What are the benefits, difficulties, virtues and dangers in their use? What can be achieved in the classroom with digital materials which could not be achieved through traditional print matter?

We have space in all these sessions. If you are interested in taking part in any of these sessions, please send, by 8 September:
For the panel: your name and brief resume, a few sentences on what you would say as a panel member, and a completed participant identifier form (PID!)
For the paper sessions: as usually required for Kalamazoo -- a 300 word abstract and completed PID
You can download the PID form from

In the past, these have been excellent and stimulating sessions. And I will personally buy a beer or other beverage of choice to any participant. I recommend Bells Oberon (taste of summer, etc)

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