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Religion, Society and Participation
August, 20-22, 2009, University of Tampere, Finland

Organized by: Trivium Centre for Classical, Medieval and Renaissance
Studies, Department of History and Philosophy, University of Tampere
in collaboration with the Finnish Historical Society and the
Classical Association of Finland
Abstract deadline: October 1, 2008

The fourth international Passages-conference focuses on religion in
its social context. Religion is seen as an active, ongoing process
involving society and community. We welcome papers which focus on
different religious acts and actors - communities, families or
individuals - and with sensitive approach to social differences:
gender, age and status. Important themes in the conference are the
differences and similarities between elite culture and popular
religion in Classical and Medieval society.
The conference aims at broad coverage not only chronologically
but also geographically and disciplinary (all branches of Classical
and Medieval Studies). We strongly encourage contributions from a
comparative and/or interdisciplinary perspective.

The conference will concentrate on:

* Religious rituals in everyday life
* Writing and reading religion vs. oral religious culture
* Devotional groups and their functions in society
* Official and nonofficial religious practices and practitioners
* Gendered participation
* Forms of devoted life: e.g. living as devoted child/man/ woman/couple
* Sacrifice and self sacrifice

A one-page abstract (setting out thesis and conclusions and
containing name, academic affiliation, postal adress, e-mail) should
be submitted preferably by mail-attachment to the conference
secretary,, or to the address below. The deadline
for abstracts is October, 1. 2008, decisions on the acceptance of
papers will be made in December 2008. Presentation of conference
papers preferably in English, although papers in other major
scientific languages are accepted if provided with English summary or
translation. Registration fee for all those attending or
participating: 60 ? (post-graduate students: 30 ?). For further
information, please contact or visit (see there also for information on
previous Passages-conferences).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Christian Krötzl & Assoc.Prof. Katariina Mustakallio
Department of History and Philosophy, FIN - 33014 University of
Tampere, Finland

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